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Drug us is a primary problem for srilanka as it has become a burden to the country’s economy and impacting the fabric of the society.The Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association(SLANA) was Founded in 1987 in response to this emerging problem. SLANA, an NGO with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the Nations (ECOSOC), is a private nonprofit, membership organization, registered with the Department of Social Services.

It is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and gazetted by the Ministry of Finance as a Charity under the Taz Laws of Sri Lanka and registered with the Department of Social Services, Act No 31 of 1980 in the year of 1988 November 22nd, in Colombo as well as the Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations, Act no 8 Of 1988 on the 20th March 2000,in Colombo.

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