#WeSpeakCode - Sri Lanka


Project Description


Programming has become a crucial part in most industries of the modern world. And it gives young creative minds the power to find solutions to their everyday problems. Thus, learning to code can empower the rural youth to find solutions to the problems that only they know intricately; and an innovative solution can benefit not only them but their entire community.  But before the youth can be guided into a long term training in programming, an effective awareness  must be conducted to inform them of the presence and importance of coding in current times and the endless possibilities that comes with learning how to code.
The objective of this project is to successfully raise awareness about programming to the rural youth in three districts of Sri Lanka (Central, Southern, and Western) and spark the knowledge that this is one of the ways they can empower themselves.  This project also aims to conduct a very basic training to support the awareness thrust, because programming is a very practical, real world application field. This project was made possible from the support extended to us by our partner Microsoft - Sri Lanka.


Project Success

All three provinces


Total beneficiaries reached = 354 youth (Project target was 320 youth).
Female population = 184
Male population = 170


283 youth from all three provinces stated they had only partial or no prior knowledge of coding before attending this workshop.


91% of the students rated as being satisfied with the coding sessions they experienced and 95% would recommend SLANA’s coding workshops to others.


340 students stated that they wished to experience further such programs in advanced coding.



Central Province

Western Province

Southern Province

Total population




Female population




Male population