About Us

The Sri Lanka Anti-Narcotics Association (SLANA), an NGO in Special Consultative Status
with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), is a private non-profit
membership organization registered with the Department of Social Services. It is approved by
the Cabinet of Ministers and gazetted by the Hon. Minister of Finance as a charity under the tax
laws of Sri Lanka.

The members of SLANA form its organizational backbone and provide a direct link to local
communities, who are a key resource in the development of human resources and the fight
against drug abuse.

SLANA believes that an informed public is the nation’s best defense against drug abuse; SLANA
mobilizes the community through national events, such as the National Health Run, and
educates the public through workshops, audio-visual presentations, and seminars.

SLANA also provides technical assistance to implement drug abuse prevention and human
resource development activities to business, government, and social development
organizations. SLANA’s vision is to liberate every individual’s potential, such that rights
and responsibilities go hand in hand with choice and freedom. SLANA believes that these
fundamental values can empower the people of this country.

Sri Lanka has embarked on a program to regain its unique position in the global community. In
order to achieve these objectives, the people of Sri Lanka must be capable of contributing and
sustaining positive social initiatives – therefore it is necessary to break the vicious cycle of crime,
poverty, poor education, and drug abuse gripping the country.

The monuments of our past demonstrate the impact we and our ancestors have had on our
environment. The remnants emphasize historical events, trends, art and culture, and
industries that may no longer exist, but once were of great significance to our communities. We
must remember that our generation will leave behind great landmarks, as our ancestors did
before us, and in turn so will our children.

It is our duty to protect, nourish, and encourage our children so that they too will leave behind
a built environment to be proud of. An environment which coexists with nature as well as the
man-made feats of future generations. We, therefore, must be cautious of the abuse of drugs
and the trail of destruction it leaves in its wake. The destruction we speak of manifests itself
through crime, violence, and ruin to our environment.
Let us unite to prevent the scourge of drug abuse.