A few words About Us

In the year 1988 SLANA was established in response to the challenges of drug abuse prevention and charged with the task of translating prevention science into creative, practical, and timely application.
SLANA's vision is to provide leadership in prevention activities, by formulating and initiating effective strategies for the development of the skills of vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens of Sri Lanka, thereby empowering them to participate and contribute towards the development and democratic process of Sri Lanka.


    • 1
      To promote the development and maintenance of a range of activities, programs, and projects which will contribute to the elimination of risk behaviors.
    • 2
      To promote the development of skills both personal and social for empowering individuals and communities.
    • 3
    • To promote actions by the government and private organizations, individuals, and communities for supporting contributing to strategies associated with the elimination of risk behaviors.

    SLANA promotes creativity and talent in individuals for enhancing their confidence and success.
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