The Sri Lanka Anti-Narcotics Association (SLANA) founded in 1987, is a private nonprofit organization, registered with the Department of Social Services as an NGO, enjoying special consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), and is a member of the United Nations DPI/ NGO Committee. It is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and gazetted by the Hon. Minister of Finance as a charity under the tax laws of Sri Lanka.
Since its initiation, SLANA has been a pioneer in the country for non-proliferation of drug abuse. In line with its mandate to prevent drug usage via the promotion of alternative employment, SLANA organizes several programs such as job fairs, public awareness workshops, life skills training etc.
Among the organization’s myriad of annual activities is the National Health Run (NHR); an annual 14km run that celebrates healthy living. It is one of Sri Lanka’s largest and most famous sporting events that attract over 2000 participants and more than 3000 spectators from diverse communities living across the island.

The 18th National Health Run partnered with Rotary Sri Lanka this time, will be held under the theme “GET HIGH ON LIFE, NOT ON DRUGS.” on Sunday the 10th July from 7.00 am onwards at the Race Course Grounds and its surroundings, in commemoration of the UN Declaration against Illicit Drugs and Trafficking.

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