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Membership of SLANA, which forms the organizational backbone, provides a direct link to local communities, and is a key resource in the fight against drug abuse and for the development of human resources


SLANA has a membership of over 10,000 members who are serviced regularly with quarterly newsletters and other programs. We welcome and encourage our members to speak to us and to visit our centers for any courses and programs that are held. They can even send in requests to us to hold programs in their institutions/organizations or areas.


Our members range from Junior, Associate, and Ordinary to Institutional.
If you wish to be a member of SLANA or if you wish to inquire about our membership, visit our head office or contact us using the contact details via this website.


By enrolling as a SLANA Member, you will be eligible to participate in exclusive Awareness and Prevention, Training, and Skill Development programs conducted by our professionals. If an organization applies for the Institutional membership, then not only do your employees but their family members also get to participate and benefit from all our exclusive events






    Junior (Under 18) LKR 35 (annual fee)

    Associate (Over 18) LKR 100 (annual fee)

    Lifetime Membership: LKR 3000




    LKR 10,000 (annual fee)

    Contact us for more details