List of Current Programs & Services


community outreach

Our community outreach programs focus on educating Sri Lankan citizens on the adverse effects of drugs; designed specifically for children, parents, schools and organizations.

Educational programs

We provide a wide variety of educational programs which are centered on developing marketable skills for enhancing employability.

National events

Our National events Public engagement events aimed at mobilizing Sri Lankans against drug abuse in a fun and engaging manner.


We provide technical assistance to interested organization and individuals to implement and formulate prevention activities.




SLANA has a membership of over 10,000 members who are serviced regularly with quarterly newsletters and other programs. Our members are welcome to speak to us and to visit our centers for any courses and programs that are held. 


We mobilize the community to support the SLANA programs through collaborations with the private and public sectors.

Referral services

We offer assistance in substance abuse treatment through our network of professional contacts.


Information is disseminated though our social media pages, free booklets, newsletters, and much more.